Applied Environmental Health & Safety, Inc.
  A Professional Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Consulting & Training Firm. 

"AEH&S quickly responded to our need and provided confined space training of employees, site evaluation, and site monitoring all in the same day.   Following this project, site representatives for Florida Hospital expressed their great appreciation for NASH’s quick and effective response to this project.  We were enhanced greatly by AEH&S’s service to bring out the best results possible.
With their expertise we saved time and money.

I would not hesitate to recommend AEH&S to any potential customer.  They are truly a valued asset to your environmental health & safety needs."
Jay Cassel
Project Superintendent

Clay County Public Works was pleased to have AEH&S involved in the extensive clean up of multiple landfill pits in our county.  Prior to the clean up, AEH&S conducted preliminary sampling of the sites, helped in the selection of proper PPE, created a Health & Safety Plan, and conducted 8, 24, and 40 hour HAZWOPER training for all of our employees that would be involved in this project.  During the excavation and clean-up process AEH&S was instrumental in providing on-site air monitoring and site safety to ensure that our employees were not being exposed to any hazardous contaminants and conducting their work in a safe manner.  With their help, we were able to finish this project under budget and ahead of schedule.

 Alan Altman
Solid Waste Director
Clay County Public Works

AEH&S is able to tailor their services to a wide range of health and safety issues throughout the many departments of the hospital.  AEH&S provides quick, reliable, and cost effective environmental health and safety solutions.  I do not hesitate to use AEH&S, nor do I hesitate to recommend AEH&S to anyone with health and safety needs.

Jeff Leitner
Plant Operations
Wuesthoff Health Systems

Hurricane Charley hit Charlotte County hard on August 13th and the impact on Fawcett Memorial Hospital and our staff was overwhelming.  News journalists have called this the most powerful storm to hit Florida in decades.  Trying to overcome the practical challenges of this event as well as the powerful emotions would have been impossible without the assistance of so many people and organizations. 
Within hours of Charley's departure, contractors and work crews were on site clearing debris and making basic repairs.  The hurricane struck Friday afternoon and by Monday afternoon we were ready for emergency surgery and admitting patients by Wednesday.  While it will take a lot more time to fully restore the facility, your service was a tremendous contribution to Fawcett Memorial Hospital and Charlotte County. 
Thank you for coming to our rescue.

Yours Truly,
Thomas J. Rice, FACHE
President, CEO

Fawcett Memorial was found to have been severely damaged during the aftermath of Hurricane Charley.  My company was called upon to quickly help assess the damage and begin remediation of the top two floors of the hospital.  AEH&S quickly responded to our need and provided accurate and reliable air and bulk sampling, site evaluation, and consultation.   Following this project, representatives of Fawcett Memorial Hospital expressed their great appreciation for the work that both my company and AEH&S provided.  AEH&S provided an excellent and immediate service that gave my company the highest quality results possible. 

Larry Klein
Insul-Coat, Inc.

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