Applied Environmental Health & Safety, Inc.
  A Professional Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Consulting & Training Firm. 
Our History

Our History

Applied Environmental Health & Safety, Inc., (AEHS) is an environmental health and occupational safety consulting and training firm built on over 35 years of health and safety experience.

The firm was founded by Tom Murray, Certified Industrial Hygienist in 2001.

Tom was a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced environmental health and occupational safety professional adhering to high values and principles. He built AEHS on the principal of advancing best practices and standards for health and safety.

He was committed to improving the health and safety of workers in his central Florida community while instilling the values of environmental stewardship and conservation of resources.

Tom passed away ”with great peace and confidence,” April 29, 2015, after a short battle with cancer.

Mr. Murray was beloved by many. He was a true professional and contributed to the health and safety of many through his professionalism, and by his association with them.

Tom also taught us all to love Jesus Christ and His church, by being committed to Him and to His Word.

Today, we are looking forward to the future and preserving Tom’s legacy by advancing the health and safety of workers and preserving environmental health by providing services, programs and projects, ensuring compliance with governmental standards, policies, and procedures.
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