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Grade D Breathing Air

Why test breathing air?

The OSHA Respiratory Standard  29 CFR 1910.134
requires operator breathing air systems to meet the OSHA standards for Grade D breathable air.

Compressors generate contaminants which can enter the breathing air.

     Carbon monoxide and/or hydrocarbons can be drawn into the compressor intake from nearby operations (e.g. forklifts, delivery trucks, process exhausts).

    Repairs, maintenance and other activities can introduce contaminants (e.g. oil, solvents) into the respirator system.   

System air quality should be tested at the time the compressor is initially set up or moved.
If the location or environment significantly change, the air quality should be retested

Our Certified Industrial Hygienist recommends testing breathing air once a year to ensure it meets specifications.

OSHA Bulletin
Deaths Involving the Inadvertent Connection of Air-line Respirators to Inert Gas Supplies




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