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Firing / Shooting Ranges

      Lead Hazards and Contamination

Firing ranges expose the environment to lead pollution caused by the presence of lead in ammunition projectiles. When these bullets are fired, they emit lead particles that are then inhaled, absorbed into the skin or disposed of in community landfill facilities.

Employees, instructors and customers are potentially exposed to hazardous amounts of lead and noise at both indoor and outdoor firing ranges.  Lead taken home on clothing is
especially dangerous to children ages six and younger, because lead is toxic to the brain and can cause permanent damage.

The three major sources for human exposure to lead are lead-based paint, lead in dust and soil and lead in drinking water.

Human exposure can also occur through the consumption of lead or lead-contaminated materials, or by inhalation.

The main human exposure to lead associated with shooting ranges is through lead contaminated soil.

How can Applied Environmental Health & Safety, Inc., consultants assist range owners and operators?

  •  assist with environmental and regulatory issues 
  •  employee exposure monitoring
  •  written safety plan
  •  noise evaluations and abatement
  •  recommend a contractor for lead abatement






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