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Due Diligence 
Multi Family Residential
Office Park
Single Family Home
Commercial Property
 Due Diligence
The care that a reasonable person exercises under the circumstances to avoid harm to other persons or their property.

AEH&S understands the effective and efficient performance of an environmental due diligence assessment as a critical element in a corporate and real estate transaction.  Our inspections document all potential site conditions that may affect property value or cause undo liability to investors.

Indoor Air Quality evaluations include mold/fungus identification, sick building syndrome diagnosis and pre-occupancy air quality monitoring.  Our experience includes multifamily, dormitory, industry and health care environments.  AEH&S can help develop an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Program for the management of potential hazards such as mold or asbestos affecting a property.

Capabilities for Due Diligence

Phase One Environmental Site Assessment, Indoor Air Quality, Hazardous Material Assessment, Radon, and Lead Based Paint

Indoor Air Quality
On-Site Investigations, Air Contaminant Monitoring, Mold and Bacteria Testing

Asbestos Consulting
Inspections, O&M Programs, Asbestos Air Sampling, Project Management, and Training 

Methamphetamine (Meth) Lab Assessments
Perform clandestine methamphetamine lab assessment for apartment owners, Law Enforcement, Realtors, and Attorneys

AEH&S has the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct inspections on a variety of properties from single family homes to the large property transactions.

We are a state of Florida licensed Asbestos business and our Certified Industrial Hygienist is a state of Florida licensed Asbestos Consultant.
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