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  Applied Environmental Health & Safety, Inc.
  A Professional Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Consulting & Training Firm. 
Demolition / Renovation

Compliance Assistance
Managing Hazardous Building Materials

Building materials known to be hazardous must be identified and abated prior to a demolition/renovation and properly managed to avoid legal liability, employee exposure and/or environmental contamination. A number of items commonly encountered in buildings scheduled to be demolished include but are not limited to:

-Fluorescent light bulbs

-mercury thermostats
-lighting ballasts
-Exit signs
-Radioactive materials
-Discarded Hazardous Chemicals such as pesticides, paint, oil, cleaners etc.

View the Demolition Fact Sheets and

Recommended Management Practices  for the Removal of Hazardous Building Materials
for further information.

Produced by: Dept. of Environmental Engineering Sciences at the University of Florida.


AEH&S can train employees to handle hazardous materials and emergencies.  Classes include but are not limited to:
8, 24, 40HR Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER), Confined Space, Hazardous Communications (HAZCOM),  Asbestos Awareness, Respiratory Protection, Fall Protection, Back Injury Protection, Electrical Safety, Hurricane Preparedness, Lightning Protection and much more. 

Visit our
Training page for more details and check out our Online Virtual University!

 Surveys  /  Monitoring  / Clearance

AEH&S is experienced and qualified to provide hazardous material and chemical surveys  that are required prior  to a demolition or  renovation project to avoid legal liability employee exposure and/ or environmental contamination. 
AEH&S also provides:

Recommendations on abatement
Help in selecting an experienced and qualified abatement contractor
Employee exposure monitoring
Inspection and air quality monitoring 
Post remediation clearance testing

Monitoring your employees and the area ensure a safe environment for your workers and the surrounding community, while also
giving your company documented proof of compliance with OSHA, EPA, DEP, State and Local regulations and requirements.


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) administers an asbestos removal program.

The program's intent is to prevent the release of asbestos fibers to the outside air during demolition or renovation activities.

The program requires prior notification to the DEP on the removal of threshold amounts of asbestos from certain types of facilities.


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