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Asbestos Consulting
Asbestos Consulting
(Licensed in Florida)


Centrally located in Orlando, Applied Environmental Health and Safety, Inc. services all of the Central Florida area. As a Licensed Asbestos Consultant (LAC) licensed by the State of Florida and a licensed asbestos business, Applied Environmental Health & Safety, Inc. can assist clients with any project that may have asbestos containing building material (ACBM). Our tehcnicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure the asbestos has been properly identified.

Operations and Maintenenace Plan

Once identified our management planners will development an asbestos abatement schedule or operation and maintenenace plan. 

Our project designers will design specifications for asbestos abatement projects and ensure the ACBM has been removed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor for compliance with all regulations.

Project Management

In addition, we can also provide a certified asbestos supervisor to ensure an asbestos abatement project's compliance with project specifications, applicable safety and health regulations, and other contract requirements under the direction of a licensed consultant. The certified asbestos supervisor will be on-site to oversee the implementation of the process from set up with barriers for containment, asbestos removal, final air clearance and tear down.

Air Sampling

During the project we will conduct air sampling to ensure the safety of all abatement workers and once the project is complete we will conduct clean air testing to ensure an uncontaminated environment. 

Asbestos Awareness Training is required for employees whose work activities may contact asbestos containing material (ACBM) or presumed asbestos containing material (PACM) but do not disturb the ACBM or PACM during their work activities. Applied Environmental Health & Safety, Inc. can conduct Asbestos Awareness training at your facility, job site or our classroom.     

                    Asbestos in Buildings Construction, 1959

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