Applied Environmental Health & Safety, Inc.
  A Professional Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Consulting & Training Firm. 

AEH&S is an occupational safety and environmental health consulting and training firm serving our clients with sound and practical safety and health management services.

AEH&S will help your company comply with OSHA regulations, provide a safer workplace, reduce and eliminate accidents, lower worker compensation claims, contribute to happier, healthier employees, resulting in increased productivity.  

Safety Inspections don't hurt businesses - Harvard study
ScienceNow, Elizabeth Norton - May 18, 2012

A Safe and Healthy Work Environment = A More Productive Work Environment

Do you comply?  We can help!

"Safety & Health Add Value."
Addressing safety and health issues in the work-place saves the employer money and adds value to the business.  Recent estimates place the business costs associated with occupational injuries at close to $170 billion-expenditures that come straight out of company profits.  
-OSHA's Small Business Handbook  

When workers stay whole and healthy, the direct cost-savings to business include:
  • lower workers' compensation insurance costs;
  • reduced medical expenditures;
  • smaller expenditures for return-to-work programs;
  • fewer faulty products;
  • lower costs for job accommodations for injured workers;
  • less money spent for overtime benefits.


 Have a question about environmental health
or occupational safety?
OSHA Standards, EPA Regulations or Training?  

Ask our Certified Industrial Hygienist

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